A simple application - for simply perfect results

How a prosthesis fits depends primarily on the socket’s form. Control, wearing comfort and adhesion are determined by the plaster impression.
For the first time ever, the innovative Symphonie Aqua System has made it possible to determine the stump’s burden within the prosthetic socket under actual conditions, and to produce a properly fitting plaster impression while bearing full weight. When applying this technology, optimal hydrostatic pressure takes place, allowing the individual body weight a perfectly even transfer onto the stump while making the plaster impression. The residual limb shape determines the socket form. The full contact provides a better proprioception. Consequently, the plaster impression is already able to provide a realistic image of the tissue and the bony structures. When making the plaster impression, the patient is already capable of burdening the stump with his/her entire body weight. At this point, valuable information has already been obtained regarding shaft volume, bony structures and sensitive pressure areas. The resulting stump compression also simplifies cast modi cation. Under a full load, the hydrostatic pressure in the cylinder counteracts the patient’s body weight and compresses the stump’s surface. Consequently, “total surface weight bearing” of the stump surface has been achieved.


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