Meet Kase!

At MPO, our company’s mission is a bold one: to always provide excellent service, distinguished by a remarkable standard of care and compassion. Of course, this mission requires a team of skilled individuals ready to share their talents with others. 

Today, we’d like to highlight one member of our team who has an extraordinary knack for showing up every single day excited and energized to serve our community. With no disregard to our other team members, this one is special. He simply charms more people and sparks more smiles than anyone around. 

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce Kase, our CSO (that is, Chief Smile Officer, for those wondering).

Kase, as evidenced by his esteemed job title, plays an important role within our industry, because sometimes, unfortunately, smiles can be hard to come by. Knowing that limb loss or impairment often produces stress and, sometimes, trauma, we wanted to do everything we could to help people during this difficult time. What better way than to add Kase as our resident CSO?

An Australian Shepard and 7 months old, Kase is currently a service dog in-training. He spends most of his time with Deb Beckwith visiting rehabilitation clinics to help ease any anxiety about whatever his new friends are going through. Sometimes it’s the brief moments with Kase that can turn someone’s day around or get their mind off of other things.

Kase is currently designated as a therapy dog until he graduates into the ranks of a full-fledged service animal. This designation gives him license to visit clinics, which is a wonderful opportunity to practice his patient-care skills in a familiar environment. Once he earns his service dog certification, he will be ready to visit with patients in all settings including bedside at the hospital. Kase has been known to make friends in clinics very fast. His trademark move is to hop up on your lap, and if you don’t take the hint that he wants you to pet him, he will be sure to let you know!

Service animals can play an incredible role in helping a variety of people who experience distress, including those with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and dementia. Service dogs can even help detect seizures for people with epilepsy. They can also assist those who are blind or visually impaired navigate around obstacles. If you’ve ever seen a service dog in action, you know the incredible potential that dogs have to help humans.

Kase is currently being trained  as a “therapeutic visitation” dog and will offer bedside mental and emotional relief to patients. We’ve already seen a very positive impact in the way our patients respond to Kase, and with his further training we’re excited to maximize the impact he can have on the people we encounter everyday. 

Deb Beckwith takes Kase to training at Naturally 4 Paws with trainer Noel Ritter in Silverdale. At only 7 months old, Ritter emphasized that Kase’s progress has him on track to pass his service dog certification with flying colors. Even though Kase is (almost) all business, he still enjoys playing frisbee, playing more frisbee, and running around the property where he lives with Deb. 

Kase would love to meet you. Feel free to swing by our office anytime to say hi!